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Best Wigs are worn for a variety of reasons 每 you may be suffering hair loss due to medical reasons or it may be that you want a new look so you wear wigs as fashion accessories. Either way, there*s always an issue with owning several wigs: storage. You*ve managed to amass a number of different wigs to ensure versatility in your style and looks but now you*re wondering where to store them? Well, have no fear 每 in this blog, we*ll run through some key tips on the best way to store wigs, both at home and on the move.

Keeping your wig in an excellent condition via best practise wig care is of the utmost importance. Making sure you*re storing wigs properly will help to keep them looking their best for as long as possible!

If you don*t have a wig stand or head, then there are other ways you can store your Best Wigs for sale at home. Follow these 3 easy steps:

1. When storing your wig for a longer period of time, fold it in half from ear to ear parted in the centre, or place a small piece of tissue at the crown if there is no parting.

2. Then lace a hairnet over your wig, this will help keep your wig perfectly styled so that minimum effort is required when you next get it out.

3. After that, place it in its original packaging if you still have it. We*d always recommend keeping the original box if you can for this reason.

Clean and brush your wig before storage, this will make things much easier for you when you next get it out for wear.

Store your wigs in direct sunlight or in reaching distance of inquisitive pets and children! The sunlight can cause damage to the colour and structure of the wig, and you don*t want your wigs falling victim to the damage that can be caused by an unsupervised pet or child.

Store a wig which is damp as it can cause damage to the fibre. We*ve previously written a guide on how to wash a synthetic wig and how to wash a human hair wig so; give those a read to make sure that you*re cleaning and looking after your wigs properly.

When it comes to storing cheap Best Wigs, it*s the little things that matter. Make sure you have the best wig storage accessories that you can find, and definitely don*t overlook the cleaning! It*s a simple give-and-take 每 love your wig and it*s certain to love you back.

Storage of both human and synthetic wigs is the same although human hair and synthetic wigs require slightly different styling methods. Remember: no heat on synthetics! Synthetic wigs are more vulnerable to heat than human hair wigs 每 if you*re keen to learn more, check out our previous post on wig care practises to avoid.

A lot of women may like to keep their wigs in their bedroom so they are readily available each morning. However, whether or not this is a practical option depends upon the amount of storage space you have available#and the number of wigs you own! On a day to day basis, storing wigs on wig stands or mannequin heads is usually the best bet. It*s a good idea to have two or three on top of your dressing table, as they help to keep the wigs* style in place.

If you*re going on holiday and need to travel with your wig or take a spare, it should be covered in tissue and placed inside a strong container. Doing this ensures that your wig won*t be accidentally crushed inside your suitcase 每 something we*re very keen to avoid! Once you arrive at your destination you can do as you would at home using a collapsible wigs stand, which can fit perfectly inside your suitcase. For more tips on how to travel with a wig, just read our previous article.

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